Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation is offered at a time in each Christian’s life when they have the desire, the knowledge, and the faith to make a personal decision to seek this sacrament and take responsibility for continuing their spiritual formation. Any student wishing to participate in our Confirmation program will be enrolled in our Religious Education program during the 2 year preparation. The two years at Sacred Heart are the freshman and sophomore years in high school. Students are expected to attend all classes, Mass and retreats during each year of preparation. If a student has 3 unexcused absences in a given year, this may delay the reception of the sacrament until the instruction has been received and completed. Parents and sponsors of the Confirmand will also be involved in the preparation of the student for Confirmation. A baptismal certificate must be provided to the DRE for all students who have not been baptized at Sacred Heart Church or who did not receive their First Eucharist at Sacred Heart Church.

Sacramental Policy

Diocesan policy calls for the involvement of parents in preparing their children for the sacraments. We believe young children build their values and attitudes largely through a process of identification with those adults in their lives who mean something to them. For this reason, parents are the best teachers of their children at this time. They fulfill a role that no other person or religious education program can really perform. Preparing their child/teen for the celebration of a sacrament is the right and mission of the parent. To assist the parents in their mission of preparing their child/teen, there will be a meeting to explain the program and what is expected of them. The child/teen will attend religious education or Catholic school, plus extra sessions set aside just for the sacrament they are preparing for.