Capital Campaign

Update 12/23/19

Click on the link below to see an exterior view and layout of our new parish hall to be built this spring.  

Building Plan.pdf


Building Project Update 8/1/19

We have been meeting on a regular basis to work through the initial stages of the design phase of our building project.  Many thanks to all of the folks who offered input in the development of our “Building Program”.  We knew from the outset that our ‘wish list’ and our budget would demand some careful massaging so that we could design a project that both serves our needs and at the same time fits within our budget.  When we did the first pass through with our wishlist the cost estimation came out to about 3.7 million dollars; well above our budget of 2.5 million dollars.  This led us to a long and careful discussion about the wisdom of either borrowing the money to complete the dream project or cutting the project scope and/or deferring parts of the building program to a later date.  We have come to the firm and unanimous conclusion that this phase of the building program must stay within our budget of 2.5 million dollars. We have trimmed the program as much as possible and have asked that several meeting rooms, some of the offices and a day chapel be designed but not included in this phase of the project.  We continue to thank the members of the building committee for their hard work and the beautiful way that they are taking very seriously their responsibility as stewards of this important project.


May 2019

Listed below are the PDF documents outlining the various aspects of the new Parish Center.  These are the same documents that were displayed in the church this past weekend. If you would like to leave comments please stop into the Parish Offices and fill out a feedback form.


Parish Hall



Parish Offices


Phase II Pledges:                                                Total in SC Savings:                                            P.H. Funds Available                                         $1,099,296                                                                      $2,447,019                                                              $2,546,699



           Thank you for your faith in our future

Pledge forms and payment envelopes are in the back of the church for your convenience!

View the updated window adoption map (pdf).


Capital Campaign News

The restoration/repair of our windows is coming along very well. The dedicated and talented team of The Lambrecht Glass Studio in Omaha has done a terrific job taking care of our windows as they remove them and take them back to Omaha for repair and restoration. As of today we have restored of the 42 windows! Of those 30, 28 have been adopted, as well as 20 of the 25 segments of the large “Rose” window on the South side of the church. Thanks to the generous hearts of our parish family we have moved through the restoration and the end result is beautiful!!

Adoptions for the final 11 windows and 5 segments of the “Rose” window are still available! Simply call the Development Office – 432.1971-today!!

Another blessing has come our way! The Legacy Campaign has received another gift of real estate! This beautiful plot of land is a lot located on Cedar Pointe Golf Course- Lot #4 in Golf Estates Subdivision, 1129 Southview Court and is ready to be sold! If you are interested call: Flynn Real Estate, Inc. 804 8th Street Boone, Iowa 50036 515-432-8860 ~ Licensed in Iowa since 2001 ~ Call Brian Byriel at 515-230-1834

Our Legacy moves on! Restoration of the stained glass windows is going well, one window at a time! Soon the East side of the church will be done. We now have 25 of the 42 windows fully adopted or partially adopted. Since we divided the large “Rose” window on the south side of the church we have had 6 pieces adopted--what a blessing! Call the Development Office for information on full or partial adoptions. Another small Phase of the HVAC system in school building was replaced over the Christmas break. There is now just one more phase to go and that project is finished. We will continue to keep everyone informed. There have been many curious people coming into the Development Office asking for updates. Thank you for coming in and getting answers to your questions. 
Thank you all for your commitment to the future of Sacred Heart!

We can happily report that we now have 21 windows fully adopted and 4 partially adopted! We also have 6 individual segments of the large “Rose” window that have been adopted! What a blessing these adoptions have been, as they have been above and beyond the campaign pledges! There are brochures on window adoption in the back entry of the church if you are interested. As we await for some warmer weather, the Lambrecht Glass Studio is working on the 8 windows they have taken, and with warmer weather, they will bring back the rest of the St. Ann window on the east side. We have been asked a lot lately about the outside protection of our stained glass windows – will it be replaced? The answer is yes, when all of the windows have been restored and the tuck pointing/stone work has been completed, the outside protective coverings will be replaced with a new, vented covering. This is a laborious project, but know that the Building/Renovation Committee is working hard to be good stewards of the funds. 

We are witnessing the benefits of our Legacy Campaign in many ways! The restoration of the stained glass windows has begun: our second set is in Omaha being worked on, soon to return! Over half of the windows have been adopted--what a blessing you all have been! We remind everyone that partial adoptions are available, just call the Development Office for information. Another way we cannot see, but certainly can feel the benefits is the replacement of the HVAC system in the school building! No more lost instruction hours due to excess heat at the beginning of the year and controlled warmth in the winter months! This fall the Building/Renovation Committee will resume meeting and make sure that the campaign funds received are being used in the very best way to benefit our Sacred Heart Legacy! As we enter the 3rd Year of our campaign, big things are in store! Thank you all for your continued pledge payments! We look forward to the future of Sacred Heart!