Parish Lay Directors

Kathy Becker and Tom Venner

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a parish leadership group that advises the pastor in his responsibilities as shepherd of the parish community. The purpose of the council is to discern the needs of Sacred Heart Parish Community, and set the vision and priorities in the areas of spiritual growth, pastoral planning and goal setting. The Council advises the Pastor in arriving at decisions concerning parish projects, special programs, and long range planning for the parish. Ex Officio members are the Pastor and the Lay Directors.

The Parish Pastoral Council meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month (except December and July) in the Parish Office meeting room. Parish members are cordially invited to attend as observers, or to voice their opinions concerning parish matters, provided they are on the agenda prior to the meeting.

Meeting Minutes

Sacred Heart Pastoral Council Meeting 7-24-2018 .pdf

Sacred Heart Pastoral Council Meeting minutes 4-22-2018 .pdf

Parish Council Minutes Jan 2017.pdf

Parish Council Minutes Feb 2017.pdf

Parish Council Minutes Mar 2017.pdf

Parish Council Minutes Apr 2017.pdf


Jeanne Lucas, President
Marty Lamoureux, Secretary 
Tom Rose
Kathy Becker, Lay Director
Tom Venner, Lay Director 
Deacon David Brown
Deacon Darwin Messerly 
Fr Brian Hughes 

Parish Finance Committee

The primary purpose of the Finance Committee is to advise and help the pastor in all financial matters of the parish. The committee consists of the pastor, two lay directors, three appointed members, the president of the Pastoral Council, the president of the School Board, and parish bookkeeper. They meet monthly in the parish office building.